Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why is the Familty Recreation Center Swimming Pool Temperature Set at 84 Degrees?

Q: Why is the temperature of the Family Recreation Center Swimming Pool set at 84 degrees? Isn’t that too warm for recreational and competative swimming?

A: Several years ago there was a debate between competing pool user groups as to what is the most desirable pool temperature for their respective activities. One group consisted of recreational and competitive lap swimmers that wanted the pool temperature to be 82 degrees while the other group was represented by aqua-size class members and therapy pool enthusiasts that wanted the pool temperature to be 86 degrees or warmer.

The City of Alamogordo facilitated several public meetings to allow each group the opportunity to present facts that support their positions concerning the temperature of the swimming pool. After hearing testimony and deliberating the evidence, the Community Services Advisory Board made a recommendation to the City Commission to set the temperature of the swimming pool at 84 degrees. The City Commission accepted the recommendation.
The temperature of the pool is lowered to 82 degrees when Alamogordo High School hosts competitive swim meets. Here is an interesting fact regarding the bubble environment that encloses the swimming pool. The ambient or air temperature inside the bubble must be equal too or slightly above the water temperature of the pool. If the ambient temperature of the bubble falls below the water temperature, condensation will occur inside the bubble environment, and it will actually rain!
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